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    photos from dubai’s 828 meter tall burj khalifa (save the first and last photos, which show the building) by (click pic) daniel cheongkarim nafatnibjoern lauen and dave alexander. duabai only experiences this in september and march, when seasonal changes in temperature creates an abundance of early morning fog. (see also: fog over new york, london and chicago)

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    When I grow up I want to be Ming-Na Wen.

    She’s the voice of Mulan, as if she wasn’t amazing enough.

    Girl is 50 years old.


    fun fact: When you break things with your hands like that you have t break your fingers on purpose before so that they heal stronger. So basically this woman is so badass she broke her hands just to do this. 

    You asshat, you’re making it sound like she snaps her fingers in half. 

    Martial artists like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee (and yes, fucking Ming-Na Wen, that beautiful badass) will build up their bone strength by repeatedly (and fairly gently) striking sand, gravel, wood and steel - this creates tons of microfractures in their bones (smaller than even a hairline fracture) so the bones will heal over again and make the bones stronger and denser with increased deposits of calcium. 

    This has to be done over long-ass periods of time, so the bones have time to heal, and none of the fractures expand into actual breaks. 

    Oh, and she’s doing precise-ass kicks in HIGH HEELS. 

    with all the force of a great typhoon

    I know this is all about Ming-Na, but I just love how Coulson just stands there smirking while Ming-Na breaks shit, he’s just looking at you like “Yep, my friends can beat up your friends. Envy me.”

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    It’s kind of funny watching people who are popular on Tumblr act like they’re so much more superior than other bloggers. It’s like when eighth graders think they’re better than seventh graders. We’re all in metaphorical middle school on this website. Pathetic, metaphorical middle school.

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    get to know me: [2/10] favorite films → Watchmen

    "Why would I save a world I no longer have any stake in?"

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    Top Ten Male Characters as Voted by my Followers

    #8: Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece

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    This is Sam Pepper. If you don’t know who he is, Sam is a successful YouTube prankster with over 2 million subscribers. He recently uploaded a video titled “Fake Hand Ass Pink Prank" where he pinched unsuspecting girls’ butts without their permission. None of this was done with the girls’ consent…meaning Sam Pepper sexually harassed and assaulted these women.

    This is no longer a “simple, harmless prank” but rather a very serious matter and offence. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch, dislike, and report it HERE. You can also take the pledge to help stop sexual violence at Please do not let Sam get away with this kind of behavior. He crossed the line and needs to be held responsible for his disgusting actions.

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    In the comic books, when he’s unfrozen, Steve wakes up screaming for Bucky.

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    #because they both went in tthe ice at the same time didn't they?